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Schedule an Introductory Call

About Revenue Creators and Daniel Kurt


When you work with Revenue Creators, you are working directly with me. I have worked with hundreds of companies since 2012, first as a consultant, and later as a co-founder and the CEO of Unific, a SaaS and tech-enabled service company. I led Unific to become a HubSpot Diamond Agency and Premier Connect Partner providing more than 2,000 companies with integrations between HubSpot and leading shopping carts. After seven years of leading Unific, I made the decision to once again work directly with companies. I am able to provide strategy and tactical execution with the benefit of my experience of being a CEO along with my experience of working with hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes. I want to help you succeed, and I can serve as a change agent to align your team and your tech stack around the right strategy and tactics. I love what I do.

On the personal side, I am a husband and a father, and I strive to become the best version of myself ever day. I'm fanatical about nutrition and exercise. I'm a history buff. I love gardening and getting my hands dirty. I'm love hockey. I own a rental property and I'm stockpiling all the profits from Revenue Creators to fund additional real estate investments following the BRRRR strategy (buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat).

Daniel Kurt