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HubSpot vs Keap / Infusionsoft

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Our Experience with Keap/Infusionsoft

  • Revenue Creators’ founder, Dan Kurt, has been a Certified Partner of Keap/Infusionsoft since 2011 helping hundreds of businesses implement the platform.
  • Dan joined the HubSpot ecosystem in 2014 as a Diamond level partner, as he recognized his clients had needs that far surpassed what Keap/Infusionsoft could provide.
  • Today Dan and his team at Revenue Creator primarily helps businesses make the transition from Keap/Infusionsoft to HubSpot as their primary platform for growth. 


If You’re Serious About Growth, Evaluate Your Tech Stack

Every business needs a solid foundation, or tech stack, in order to attract, engage, and delight their customer base. In fact, your tech stack is one of the key elements of RevOps for small businesses.  But ask yourself, is your business set up for growth? 

  • Is my team bouncing around multiple tools in order to properly serve our customers? 
  • Do I have a single source of truth of my customer’s data?
  • Can I reliably and easily report on data to identify opportunities for growth? 
  • Are the use of all these different tools impacting the experience for my customers?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your foundation so that your business can be primed for growth!

Why HubSpot is Your Foundation for Growth

For a small business, HubSpot’s platform is the perfect foundation to efficiently grow and scale your business, at a price point that’s not going to break the bank and will scale with you. It provides a single source of truth for your Sales, Service, Marketing, and Operations teams.

The best part is HubSpot is extremely easy to use. Don't take our word for it, G2 ranked Hubspot as the #1 Overall Software in 2024! 


HubSpot’s CRM platform allows you to: 


Find new customers with powerful, yet easy to use, marketing automation


Scale your sales by automating repetitive sales tasks and easily get a clear view of your deals and revenue forecast


Provide your customers with a seamless experience that allows them to provide feedback and resolve their issues across all channels

"I really like the simple interface to design email templates, and the ability to track required data. We use this monthly at a minimum. It's also really simple to move contacts from the sales CRM area and create different lists so everything is in one central place. It's easy to integrate different content styles into email comms, and also easy to set up sign up forms and landing pages!"
Daniel P
Marketing Executive
"Hubspot Sales has a range of brilliant, useful simple tools. The task tool is particularly useful for remembering to follow up with customers. I'm a huge fan of the prospecting/activity feed too... the ease of just clicking one button to see all those people who have interacted with emails! Alll of the features are easy to use with no complexity to it!"
Danielle S
Marketing Executive
“HubSpot allowed us to replace many disparate apps. The knowledge base, academy, chat, workflows, tickets, and more features support our flow nicely. And we love the very responsive and helpful HubSpot support team!”
Dennis M
Operations Executive
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Migrating from Keap/Infusionsoft to HubSpot 

Given our team’s years of experience with both platforms, transitioning from Keap/Infusionsoft to HubSpot with Revenue Creators is a seamless experience. But migrating platforms is not just simply passing over data from one system to another. This is an opportunity to really focus on improving the processes, systems, and data that your team is leveraging and that combine to produce your revenue and drive profitability.


  • Map all key processes around marketing, sales, and support. Our team wants to get an intimate understanding of your customer’s journey, aka your Growth Engine! 
  • After mapping out your Growth Engine, we work with you to identify sources of friction in your key processes or the processes that cause inefficiencies in your day to day operations. 
  • We then prioritize reducing points of friction based on how much that friction is costing your business.


  • Our team will audit your tech stack, helping to identify redundancies and opportunities for simplifying the tools you use.  
  • Not just the core solutions for marketing, sales, service, but also all the other shiny objects that have been added over the years, full of duplicative features, siloed data, etc. 
  • The goal is to reduce complexity and the money you spend on technologies.


  • We audit the data from all your systems and tools and only bring in what’s accurate and relevant. We want to avoid garbage in, garbage out when it comes to your data! 
  • No one size fits all, we set up your data model to meet each team and roles
  • Data governance and security. We can restrict access to certain data for teams that don’t need it, only showing what’s relevant.
  • Reports and dashboards. We help set up the command center that harnesses all your data to track all your most important KPIs for each business unit.
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But What About My Infusionsoft/Keap Tags?

I have seen so many migrations from Infusionsoft or Keap to HubSpot go horribly wrong due to mishandling how to best represent Tags in HubSpot. The problem is that Tags are a catch-all feature that often are utilized due to a feature gap in the Infusionsoft and Keap platform. With HubSpot, the platform is much more built out and there is key functionality that negates the need to use a feature like a Tag. That data stored in Tags needs to be evaluated within the broader data model and your company’s source of truth.


Tags are often used in Infusionsoft and Keap in the following ways:

Saving Data

  • Tags can be used to store important data about your leads and customers.
  • For instance, you might use a tag to record the fact that someone downloaded your ebook or attended a webinar.
  • You might use a Tag to record each product or service a client has purchased.
  • Or a tag that indicates someone has opened or clicked one of your emails in the last 30-days.




  • Tags can be applied to add someone to a campaign, or to remove someone from a campaign. 
  • This same framework applies to looping contacts through the same part of a campaign multiple times.

If you have been using Infusionsoft or Keap for sometime, you have probably learned that you need to get all of those Tags super organized by defining and enforcing naming conventions, considering alphabetization, using special characters and other ticks that help you find the Tag you are looking for without wasting a lot of time. The very fact that you have to manually plan your Tag structure indicates that Tags are indeed a catch all feature. HubSpot handles these requirements much more elegantly. 

HubSpot vs Keap/Infusionsoft Feature Comparison

You can do another Google search and find a full list of feature comparisons between HubSpot and Infusionsoft or Keap. Rather than repeat all that information, I’ll highlight some of the more important differentiations. 

The most important things to note are that HubSpot is very usable and when you switch to HubSpot, you will be able to cancel subscriptions to many other tools and apps that were previously required with Infusionsoft or Keap. With HubSpot, you can run your whole growth engine and customer journey - marketing, sales, customer service, payments and commerce, and even your website if you want to (thats how we built this page :)


  • Objects, including custom
  • Lists
  • Calling
  • Saved Views
  • Live chat and chatbots


  • Powerful, modern workflow builder
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Ads natively integrated
  • Native social posting and monitoring
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms


  • Gmail and Outlook Integrations- automatically syncing emails that are sent and received from your external email into HubSpot
  • Sequences aka Sales Engagement Automation
  • Meeting Scheduler (no third-party app needed!)
  • Data Enrichment


  • Shared Inbox
  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Portal
  • Tickets
  • Surveys (NPS, CES, CSAT, Custom)
  • Help Desk


  • Data governance
  • Data Deduplication


  • Build your whole website with HubSpot!
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